Electrical Engineer

We have a vacancy for an electrical engineer. Objective: The elaboration of engineering assignments which are provided by the project engineer, team leader and/or head of engineering.
Friesland 40 uur / week € 0 / maand Voltijd 1 jaar werkervaring mbo

Characterization of the activities

  • Tuning start engineering with team leader afstemmen begin engineering met teamleider
  • Determining the design, the technical execution and the associated components in consultation with the team leader
  • The archiving of final design data
  • Ensure that all required administrative work takes place
  • Create, consider and draw up improvement proposals
  • Monitor the progress of your own work
  • Identifying in the enforcement of standards, procedures and regulations
  • Submit proposals for product improvements and standardization. The co-determination of technical solutions for new (standard) products
  • The work is carried out according to assignments that are usually accompanied by additional information
  • Has to find solutions to problems in the area of product realization, safety and cost price. If work can not be done whitin the starting points, the team leader and/or head of engineering are consulted


  • Detail electrical engineering of machine controls and applications with respect to schedule and costs
  • Propose solutions in electrical engineering with respect to usual standards
  • Timely and complete delivery of electrical diagrams
  • All required administrative work
  • Determines the technical execution on the basis of simple product descriptons/requirements
  • Must ensure that work is carried out in accordance with procedures and guidelines


Education and (work) experience required for the job

  • Completed MBO-4 or HBO Electrical Engineering
  • Knowledge of and experience in working with EPLAN (minimum basic course Eplan P8)
  • Internal company organization, processes, regulations, procedures, safety regulations, standards
  • Specific department processes, procedures and standards
  • Automation and registration systems used in the department
  • Production methods, techniques and resources as well as current and new developments
  • Newest technique in the working field (electrical engineering and mechanical engineering)
  • Technical standards and regulations and requirements imposed by the market on (electrical) technical products
  • Planning and calculation techniques
  • Quality, safety and environmental regulations and their application
  • Understanding and usage of the English language on a Professional level (reading technical documentation)